Cultural Program

The cultural programme of the Society is organized annually in two seasons. The first season usually starts at Oktober, the second at February. It constitutes excursions to the archaeological sites in Alexandria and Egypt in addition to one summer excursion abroad to some countries of heritage. Lectures have been an integral part of the Society’s activities since its foundation and recent years have seen, if anything, an increase in their regularity and a widening of their scope. While the principal area of study has remained the Graeco-Roman period, subjects as varied as “Economic Philosophy before Plato”. “Commerce between Egypt and India in the Islamic Era” and “Pyramid Research” have all been addressed. Furthermore, in recognition that history is a continuum, the more recent past has also been successfully tackled through such talk as “The Collection of the Royal Jewellery Museum” and “The Turkish Town of Alexandria in the 19th Century”.

Lectures are held regularly with the contributions of international figures such as: Bagnall, R. S. (U. S. A.), Hölbl, G. & Bietak, M. (Austria), Bonacasa, N. & Gallo, P. (Italy), Dasjewski, W. A. & Drier, G. & Nöske, H. C. (Germany), Gawolikowski, M., Majcherek, G. & Mislewicz, K. (Poland), Impereur, J-Y., Goddio, F. (France), Snape, S. (England) and Tzalas, H. (Greece).

From Egypt the lecturers were always the most well known scholars such as: Abbadi, M., Abd El-Hamid, S. Z., Abaza, F., Gaballah, A. G., Haikal, F., Hawas, Z., Karara, A., Labib, M., Nur El-Din, A., Radwan, A. and Salem, A.


Celebration of the 120th Anniversary of the ARCHEOLOGICAL SOCIETY International Conference
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 7-9 April 2013
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November 12th, 2014 - two days workshop, Alexandria's Antiquities, Aspirations and the Reality
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Cultural Program

28 Jan. 10
Dr. Elizabeth Rodziewicz
Researcher in Archaeology & Ancient Arts, Poland - Sweden
Bone and Ivory Carvings between Alexandria and Fustat: A Comparative Study English
25 Feb. 10
Prof. Dr. Cornelia Römer
Prof. of Greek Papyrology German Archaeological Institute at Cairo
The Fayoum Survey Project: 1999 - 2006 English
16 Mar. 10
Dr. Sam Osmanagic
Researcher in History of Civilizatiom, Bosnia & Hersegovina
The Mayan Civilization: Peaks in Construction, Math, Calendar & Astronomy English
21 Mar. 10
Prof. Dr. Hans- Christoph Noeske
Prof. at the Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz.
University of Frankfurt, Germany
New Coins for the Egyptians: The Introduction of the Alexandrian Coinage by Octavianus/Augustus English
Date in Mar. 10 to be announced later Prof. Dr. Marian Bergmann
Professor, Berlin University, Germany
Sarapis in the Third Century B.C. English
28 April 10
Prof. Dr. Mamdouh El-Damaty
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Ein Shams University, Egypt
Important Discoveries of Egyptian Antiquities English
28 April 10
Prof. Dr. Mamdouh El-Damaty
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Ein Shams University, Egypt
Important Discoveries of Egyptian Antiquities English
All lectures to be held at the Society premises at 6. p.m. unless mentioned.


15 Jan. 10
Ancient Cairo
12 Feb. 10
Abu Mina and Marea
19 Mar. 10
Rashid & Edfina
9 April 10
21 May 10
Palace of Mohamed Aly
18 June 10
Abdine Palace & Qanater
16 July 10
Alexandria Archaeological Sites including Qaytbay & the National Museum
Augustus 10 Cyprus
Fees are to be announced one week before each excursion and two months before the summer trip
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