Cultural Program

The cultural program of the Society is organized annually in two seasons. The first season usually starts in October, the second in February. It constitutes excursions to the archaeological sites in Alexandria and Egypt in addition to one summer excursion abroad to some countries of heritage. Lectures have been an integral part of the Society’s activities since its foundation and recent years have seen, if anything, an increase in their regularity and a widening of their scope. While the principal area of study has remained the Graeco-Roman period, subjects related to Pharaonic and Islamic Egypt, ancient philosophical thoughts and history and antiquities of the Arab world are all addressed. Furthermore, in recognition that history is a continuum, the more recent past has also been successfully tackled through several talks as “The Collection of the Royal Jewellery Museum” and “The Turkish Town of Alexandria in the 19th Century”.

Lecture are held regularly with the contributions of international figures such as: Bagnall, R. S. (U. S. A.), Hölbl, G. & Bietak, M. (Austria), Bonacasa, N. & Gallo, P. (Italy), Dasjewski, W. A. & Drier, G. & Nöske, H. C. (Germany), Gawolikowski, M., Majcherek, G. & Mislewicz, K. (Poland), Impereur, J-Y., Goddio, F. (France), Snape, S. (England) and Tzalas, H. (Greece).

From Egypt the lecturers were always the most well known scholars such as: Abbadi, M., Abd El-Hamid, S. Z., Abaza, F., Gaballah, A. G., Haikal, F., Hawas, Z., Karara, A., Labib, M., Nur El-Din, A., Radwan, A. and Salem, A.

The program usually includes some workshops dealing with contemporaneous challenges in the field of heritage. The last one was organized in Novembre 2014 with the tempting title of: “Alexandria's Antiquities, Aspirations and the Reality”. This was attended by the E. Minister of Antiquities. It was a good opportunity for archaeologists to discuss the problems facing their work and suggestions for solving them.


Cultural Program

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