Society’s library

Upstairs, in two rooms of the Society's premises, is the library. To the right, the book section holds some 1,750 volumes in 14 languages including the rare, the informative, the curious and the beautiful Sir William Hamilton’s “Collection of Etruscan, Greek and Roman Antiquities”, published in 1767, is both sumptuous and valuable. Each brightly coloured illustration is an individually printed etching of academic and aesthetic beauty. anthropologie coupon“Le Canal de Suez”, in six volumes with detailed plans, by Voisin Bey is an unparalleled account of the construction of the canal by the man who was, at one time, director general of the project. There are also two volumes of letters from Champollion, the huge “Recueil des Historiens des Croisades” (1872) in Arabic and French, Nicoll’s “Birds of Egypt”, Tousson's elaborate publications on Alexandria and the Nile branches and many more standard texts.

Across the passageway, the Periodicals Room, recently re-indexed, holds around 10,000 publications from over 200 institutions, universities and societies, dating from 1818 until the present day. This resource not only serves the local brooks brothers couponcommunity but also continues to attract foreign scholars and provides a suitable academic backdrop to the Society’s lectures.

The Society’s library with its rich collection of archaeological books and periodicals continues to serve the needs of many young scholars in their work. During Soheir Z. Bassiouni’s term of office as Secretary General, she, together with young student volunteers, undertook the arduous task of recording and classifying the contents of the library for the first time.

There is a new policy to develop the library collection. This has been helped by book donations as well as by buying up to date archeological publications.


Society’s collection

The Collection of Maurer’s Photographs

The library also houses a massive collection of photographs taken by Dr. Henri Maurer.  Dr. Henri Maurer from Switzweland, the private dentist of King Foad I, was an active member of the Archaeological Society of Alexandria during his residence in Egypt in the first half of the twentieth century. He was a keen amateur photographer who used most demanding techniques of photography and development which enabled him to produce some known masterpieces. He was fond of visiting out -of- the way sites, not easily accessible in those days. After Maurer’s death, his widow thought of the Archaeological Society as the most suitable place for keeping her husband’s valuable collection of photographs. Thus, she donated this treasure to our Society.

The collection includes hundreds of photographs of archaeological monuments and natural scenes taken in a variety of locations inside Egypt, and outside in Africa and Greek islands. There are eight albums of Maurer's East African safari undertaken in 1928 - 29, a further eight albums offering a unique view of Siwa Oasis in 1938, five albums on Sinai circa 1933 and, literally, thousands of other photos covering all corners of Egypt. The photographs were mostly taken during the period 1920 - 1945. Some of the sites they depict do not exist any longer.