At the time of the establishment of the Society, members were a group of people whose names are still well-known in today’s Alexandria; Judge Jasper Brinton, Aly Pasha Yehia, Max Debbane, Dr. Henry Maurer, Mahmoud Said, Etienne Combe and Alan Rowe, among others.

During the fifties, finance and membership were tumbling, from the high of 250 members, numbers  had fallen to 129, only 94 of whom had paid their subscriptions. In the nineties, the numbers are increased into 240 members.

Currently, membership runs to 470, a large proportion of whom are in the 20 - 35 age bracket, a fact which bodes well not just for the Society but for Alexandria herself.


Private Statutes of The Archaeological Society of Alexandria

1 The Archaeological Society of Alexandria is founded in 21 April 1893. Its system was agreed upon in 18 May 1894 which was modified according to the law no. 32 of 1964.
2 The main field of the Society’s activities is “Cultural Services”.
3 The Society aims at searching all what can illustrate to the topography and history of ancient Alexandria and its environs, its monuments, institutions, morals of its inhabitants during the Ptolemaic, Roman, Coptic and Arab period.
4 The Society’s funds, originated from the subscriptions of its members and donations, should be spent exclusively on archaeological researches according to the previously mentioned objectives.
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